Yvonne Mans

Volunteer Coordinator

Yvonne Mans earned her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Southern Indiana and served as a pre-school teacher prior to joining Vanderburgh County CASA. Yvonne joined CASA twelve years ago, starting as a volunteer advocate, serving as an intern while she earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Ball State, and worked as a part-time employee before being hired as a full time Volunteer Coordinator for CASA. Yvonne also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern Indiana and is a licensed social worker. Yvonne’s teaching experience allows her to provide insight into the needs of the youngest children at court and to the CASA advocates. Yvonne’s extensive education and background has allowed her to understand the mental health issues associated with children and families of CASA, as well as the environmental factors that influence their life choices. Yvonne’s greatest joy of her vocation is the relationships formed with CASA volunteers, the most sacrificing, passionate and dedicated people she have ever had the privilege to work with. Yvonne believes that CASA volunteers are the most worthy human beings on the face of the earth.